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13th sept 2020!

Thank you for submitting your abstract. Your abstract will be processed by the board of AGSCE 2020.


Please find the terms and conditions for submitting the abstract and the use by Asia Geoscience Student Conference & Exhibition (hereinafter jointly referred to as: “AGSCE”) below. By submitting your abstract, you agree with all of these conditions. Should you have any questions or remarks, please contact us by phone or email.



1. Copyright Ownership


As the author, you will always remain the owner of the copyright to the abstract. However,  you give AGSCE the permission to use your work.



2. Criteria for Abstract Submission


You must be entitled to submit the abstract to AGSCE and the abstract may not infringe any (intellectual property) rights of any third parties or otherwise be harmful to AGSCE or any third parties. By uploading the abstract, you declare that:


a. you hold all rights (including the intellectual property rights) to all of the elements in the abstract (e.g. the text as well as any pictures, graphs, diagrams, tables, charts, etc. that are depicted) or have been granted a documented license to complete the abstract;


b. the work does not contain any kind of plagiarism and no rights of third parties (including intellectual property rights or any civil rights) will be infringed;


 c. the abstract does not contain any faulty or illegal information or information that brings AGSCE or any third parties into disrepute;


d. the abstract does not contain trade secrets of any third parties;


e. the abstract does not contain any libelous matter, is not defamatory or obscene or can otherwise harm the reputation, good name or integrity of AGSCE or any third parties;


f. the abstract does not harm the financial or other interests of any third parties (in the case that the abstract contains confidential information).


In the event that any one of the aforementioned criteria are not met, you shall refrain from uploading the abstract.


3. Fulfillment of All Criteria


It is very important to AGSCE that all of the criteria set out above are met and we note that you are fully responsible and liable for the contents of the abstract and/or not complying with the criteria. AGSCE has no obligation to verify the contents of the abstract or to verify if the exploitation thereof may cause any damages to AGSCE or any third parties. Should the abstract you are about to present fail to meet one or more of these criteria, AGSCE is allowed to stop the exploitation of the abstract immediately and can decide to pass any claims AGSCE and its partners (such as other companies in its group structure or the parties it granted permission to) receive from third parties on to you. By presenting the abstract, you declare you are aware of this and that you agree to indemnify all these parties for all of their costs and damages that are the result of the fact that the abstract does not meet all criteria (for instance legal costs for advice and proceedings, reimbursements that AGSCE has to pay to any third party, costs for removing the abstract from all sources, etc.). Furthermore, you will provide full cooperation to AGSCE so AGSCE can react promptly and thoroughly to any claims of third parties.



4. Use of the Abstract by AGSCE


You grant AGSCE the permission to use (e.g. publish and distribute) the abstract for the event purpose. You grant AGSCE the right to place the poster on a USB stick or other medium that may be handed out to the visitors of the event and the contributing parties.


Should you present the abstract at the event, it speaks for itself that AGSCE has your permission to show (your presentation of) the abstract at the conference space to the public and to provide all visitors with hand-outs.


Further to this, AGSCE will be allowed to upload the abstract to its digital database (and any other database that AGSCE will have in the future).



Lastly, AGSCE may publish the poster through other means such as publishers of magazines, databases or publishers of printed content.

For general inquiries, send us an email at agsce@utp.edu.my

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