The Geosciences Department at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS was established in 2006 and had its first batch of Petroleum Geoscience undergraduate students in January 2009. 

The department has a centre of excellence, the South-east Asia Carbonate Research Laboratory (SEACARL), which was inaugurated on March 2009. SEACARL is dedicated to carbonate studies and to ensure having quality teaching and research programmes, it is associated with a number of reputable carbonate centres and renown carbonate specialists in the world. 


The Department has another centre of excellence, the Centre of Excellence in Subsurface Seismic Imaging & Hydrocarbon which primarily focuses on seismic studies for the oil and gas industry. 


The department will continue to grow and keep up with the changes in the oil & gas industry, and move on to strengthen the curricula and explore research areas that will contribute towards the development of the country.



Asia Geoscience Student Conference and Exhibition is a collaboration by two geoscience student chapters in UTP.

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American Association of Petroleum Geologists UTP Student Chapter (AAPG-UTP-SC) was established on the September 22nd, 2010.

AAPG-UTP-SC serves as a platform for geoscience students in Malaysia; particularly in UTP to get the opportunity to network among the young adults in the Oil and Gas industry as well as to create more collaboration among other AAPG student chapters in Malaysia and the world.


 European Association of Geologists and Engineers UTP Student Chapter (EAGE-UTP-SC) is a local student chapter that is driven by a passionate belief in the ability of exploration, association, geoscience and education in contribution to community.


To demonstrate a high level of interest in the future of geosciences related industry as well as organizing beneficial events for geosciences communities, to act as a medium to transfer latest scientific, technical knowledge and geoscientific applications in industries among local communities and build up connection between students, lecturers and communities from geosciences discipline are amongst its purpose.


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